Occupational Health Safety & Rehabilitation

The OHS&R policy of all persons employed by General Painting & Decorating and those visiting the organisation, is considered to be of the utmost importance. A safe and healthy work environment is the concern of every person in the organisation and all personnel have health and safety related responsibilities.

To help achieve the objective of this policy, health and safety problems shall be identified and solved with speed and efficiency utilising our Business Operation Support System.

The following document shall be used as a support document for our Business Operation Support System to ensure all relevant issues are addressed:
• WorkCover OHS Regulation 2001

The basis of our OHS&R policy is to ensure (Occupational Health Safety & Rehabilitation):

  • Hazards are identified and documented
  • Hazards are controlled and eliminated where possible
  • All personnel have been given adequate training in OHS issues and understand what they have been trained in
  • Changes in our OHS documentation and practices are done after consultation with employees
  • Consultation takes place between management and employees on OHS related issues
  • Programs are in place to ensure correct rehabilitation and reintegration into the workplace of employees injured in the workplace
  • Emergency procedures are in place

These broad issues are basic to the ongoing operation of the organisation and all levels of management, supervision and employees shall actively support the organisations Occupational Health & Safety programs.

Specific responsibilities for each level of employment shall be listed in the duty statement for that position.

This policy is to be displayed in our office of business and staff are to be fully conversant with the policy, and especially its intention, which is to ensure the safety and security of our staff and the community.